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Types Of Blue Pigments

Posted by Admin on July, 01, 2019

There can be a massive variety of pigments present as of today which is extensively being used around the globe. Pigments are of various colours and used in different industries for all the probable reasons.

Blue is one of the most used pigments available in the market as of now, and there exists a variety of blue pigments. Let’s look into the different types -

  • Pigment Alpha Blue

A Copper Phthalocyanine Blue – Alpha Blue Pigment is mostly used for and in inks, rubber, and polymers. The colour of this pigment is about reddish blue, which is regarded to have excellent color strength and is also considered to have an outstanding performance for natural or synthetic rubber and even an excellent color in polyolefin.

One of the features is that this pigment is insoluble and has no tendency to move away in a different material. This standard pigment is mostly used in cases for printing ink and the packaging industry. The alpha blue pigment powder supplier suggests that this pigment is available in varieties like powder, press cake, and others.

  • Heat Stable Alpha Blue

Alike the first one this is too a Copper Phthalocyanine Blue – Alpha Pigment which is typically used for stuff like inks, coatings, rubber, and polymers. The most attractive feature of this pigment is that it is a soft and readily dispersible pigment that has excellent stability for heat. This kind of dye is a hence used explicitly in fibre and thin film.

This pigment as well as properties like it is insoluble and does not get mixed up in other material. It is mostly used in industrial places like printing ink and the packaging industry. It is also available in powder or press cake.

  • Solvent Stable Alpha Blue

The Copper Phthalocyanine blue Alpha pigment is ideal for coatings, inks, polymers, and rubbers. As it has excellent stability to heat, it can be a perfect pigment material for various materials. Having outstanding balance is another major perk of this pigment. Stability and sustainability to heat, weather and climate change, and definitely solvent resistant.

That is why it can be an ideal raw material for rubber industry, ink industry, polymer industry, Textiles, PVC, polyolefins, and more. Another useful feature is it’s dispersible. Also, it is very soft. It is perfect for a thin coating over the fibers. It is the ideal thing for the ink industry and packaging industry for the shiny finish. It is available in powder so it can be used very easily and effortlessly. But it is also available in cakes so that all your needs are satisfied.

  • Pigment Blue 15:2

Non-flocculating Beta blue is a copper phthalocy also used mostly for ink making, polymers, rubber coating, and more. Such special graded pigment is purely resistant to crystallization and flocculation. Readily dispersible too, leaving a reddish warm tone behind. It is a blue organic material and very much stable from heat and weather change. It is used in various industries like textile, Polyolefins, PVC, plastic, and rubber.

These were the few types of blue pigment powders.

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